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Gina Ferwerda on Good Morning America. National Chocolate Cake Day Winner 1.27.16

Gina Ferwerda on WZZM TV 13. Happy Valentine's Day ~ 2.14.16

Gina Ferwerda on WZZM TV 13. Ultimate Super Bowl Decoration Ideas ~ 2.6.16

Gina Ferwerda on WZZM TV 13. Big Game Burger Bar ~ 2.5.16

Gina Ferwerda on Studio 10 Live - WTSP. Supper Bowl: Making the perfect Burger Bar 2.1.16

Gina Ferwerda on Swoon Talent Blog. Want to get noticed by GMA? ~ 2.7.16

Gina Ferwerda on WZZM TV 13. Cheesy Ranch Egg Cups ~ 12.13.15

Gina Ferwerda on MLive. National Chocolate Cake Day Winner on GMA ~ 1.27.16

Gina Ferwerda on MLive. Gina Ferwerda's Top 10 Party Dips ~ 2.3.16

Gina Ferwerda in Cool Material. Silver Lake Sand Dunes Most Instagrammed in Michigan ~

Gina Ferwerda on WZZM TV 13. Prepare the Perfect Tailgate for Football ~ 9.12.15

Gina Ferwerda on WZZM TV 13. National Filet Mignon Day ~ 8.13.15

Gina Ferwerda on WZZM TV 13. National Hamburger Day ~ 7.28.15

Gina Ferwerda on WZZM TV 13. Cherry Chipotle Cheese Stuffed Burgers ~ 6.30.15

Gina Ferwerda on Fox 17. Asparagus Guacamole ~ 5.19.15

Gina Ferwerda on WZZM TV 13. Game Day Ham and Cheese Sliders ~ 4.14.15

Gina Ferwerda on WZZM TV 13. St. Patty's Day Recipes ~ 3.16.15

Gina Ferwerda on WZZM TV 13. Game Day Food - Seattle vs. New England ~ 1.27.15

Gina Ferwerda in Oceana County Press. Local families to appear on Rachael Ray Show ~ 1.27.15

Gina Ferwerda on Rachael Ray Fantasy Foodball Segment. 1.22.15

Gina Ferwerda in Oceana County Press. Local food blogger to appear on Rachael Ray ~ 1.21.15

Gina Ferwerda on WZZM TV 13. Better Bites: Buffalo Chicken Quinoa Bites ~ 1.21.15

Gina Ferwerda on WZZM TV 13. Harissa Recipe - Crudite Platter ~ 11.12.14

Gina Ferwerda in Shoreline Media Group. Women Who Care of Oceana County ~ 10.2.14

Gina Ferwerda in Oceana County Press. Oceana County Women Who Care ~ 9.3.14

Gina Ferwerda on WZZM TV 13. Cowboy Burger ~ 9.3.14

Gina Ferwerda in Oceana County Press. Ferwerda wins Pure Michigan photo contest ~ 7.8.14

Gina Ferwerda on Pure Michigan. Grand Prize Winner in Pure Michigan Beach Challenge ~ 7.7.14

Gina Ferwerda in Crain's Detroit Business. Silver Lake photo winner ~ 7.9.14

Gina Ferwerda in Huffington Post Travel. Pure Michigan photo winner ~ 7.13.14

Gina Ferwerda in Oceana County Press. Resort Business Owner ~ 6.19.14

Gina Ferwerda on Wood TV 8. Fun in the sun on Silver Lake ~ 6.18.14

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