Gina is a business owner and blogger that does on air cooking and grilling segments in Michigan. Welcome to Wet Head Life. Where there's water, there's life!

Gina has been married for over 20 years to her husband, Ted. They have 2 daughters, a son-in-law and a granddaughter. 

Gina blogs about food, fashion, beauty, travel and philanthropy.

Food - Gina started canning with her grandmother, who was a farmer, around the age of 8 or 9. She has many wonderful memories of life of the farm and truly learning what "farm to table" means. She started baking cookies and delivering them to neighbors while in high school. Then after college, she got married and started cooking and grilling up a storm. Her first blog came in 2014 called "Boating, Boarding and Burgers" and soon after she started cooking on air in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Gina is known for her gourmet burgers and her 5 in 1 dishes.

Fashion - Gina loves fashion! If you catch her without her heels on, you'd better take a pic because that is a very rare sighting. ;) Gina owns a clothing store in Michigan, called Wet Head Beach Shop. She also has her own trademarked clothing line, aptly named Wet Head. She specializes in water related gear and clothing. And with her love of fashion, also comes her love of photography. She started learning photography in high school as the yearbook photographer, taking photography classes and attending camps at Michigan State University. She is always the one at every event with her camera in tow. Gina loves to take photos of sunsets and eagles, but this photo won an award with Pure Michigan in the summer of 2014. This is a photo of the Silver Lake Sand Dunes.

Beauty - Gina has been teaching skin care and giving makeovers since 1993. As a graduate of French Academy of Cosmetology, she loves the art of skin care, make-up, hair and nails. 

Travel - Gina loves to travel and find new adventures. She will share her secrets and give some great travel advice. Her expertise in this area comes as being a resort business owner. Gina obtained her real estate license at the age of 20 and started managing hotels in 1996. The first hotel that she built, owned and operated was in 1999 at the of 27. She also owns a marina rental with her husband along with 2 RV resorts in Michigan. Follow her travel blog if you enjoy adventurous travel. She and her husband love to go off-roading, jeep crawling and snowmobiling. She also loves sports and tailgating. 

Philanthropy - Gina enjoys volunteering and philanthropy. She is a co-founder of the 100+ Women Who Care of Oceana County. WWCOC - 

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